Project Taco

Who are the Taco Tuesday aficionados?

Señor Antonio & Capsaicin Head are your average (well maybe not average) Mexican food lovers, especially when it comes to Taco Tuesdays! Who can pass up buck-tacos (most of the time), yummy salsa, fresh guac and an occasional libation? We sure can’t.

Capsaicin Head would eat Mexican food 24-7 if she wasn’t regulated! As an example, I’ve often found her at breakfast time not standing over a bowl of cereal but over a bowl of salsa! This, of course, is accompanied by her favorite daily beverage, a Dr. Pepper. Along with her love for salsa is also her love of chili peppers, hence her name, Capsaicin Head. She is not afraid to sink her teeth into any chili pepper thrown her way. Be on the lookout for her up-and-coming line of products.

Now a bit about myself. I wouldn’t eat Mexican food 24-7, but I do get to try a ton of places thanks to my partner in crime. And, I confess, I have dipped a chip or two in her breakfast salsa (don’t take that the wrong way). I tend to try as many different types of Taco Tuesday tacos as possible; fish, carne, pollo, carnitas…whatever they offer. I even go so far as to try the specialty tacos; kung pao tacos, BBQ pulled pork tacos, etc. This usually gets me into trouble as I end up having to eat about 10 tacos (is my butt getting bigger?).

Our Taco Tuesdays are not specific to Orange County (where we live). We plan to branch out to other counties and even states (when everyone else catches up to the Taco Tuesday craze). Maybe even internationally. Think about that…visiting a Taco Tuesday in Australia with fresh shrimp from the barbie! It could happen! And if it does, we’ll be there! We hope to see you at a Taco Tuesday in the future.

Señor Antonio & Capsaicin Head

Our Mission
Our mission is simple; we love food. We love Mexican food. And, thankfully, they make it inexpensive with the introduction of Taco Tuesdays. So now we have an excuse to eat, er, I mean try, lots of chips, salsa, guacamole and tacos. So join us on our quest every Tuesday. Who knows, we might actually review a Taco Tuesday joint near you!